Guilin '11
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Li River 6a.JPG
Li River 6a
Li River 6b.JPG
Li River 6b
Li River 7.JPG
Li River 7
Li River Columbus.JPG
Li River Columbus
Li River fishermen.JPG
Li River fishermen
Li River Magellan.JPG
Li River Magellan
Li River...from behind.JPG
Li River...from behind
Li River.JPG
Li River
not the easiest way to make money.JPG
not the easiest way to make money
rice in bamboo.JPG
rice in bamboo
small baterfly.JPG
small baterfly
snake for lunch, anyone.JPG
snake for lunch, anyone
Snake wine for real men.JPG
Snake wine for real men
Teresa, too dark!! ha!.JPG
Teresa, too dark!! ha!
terraces .JPG
terraces 1.JPG
terraces 1
terraces 2.JPG
terraces 2
terraces 2a.JPG
terraces 2a
terraces 3.JPG
terraces 3
terraces 3a.JPG
terraces 3a
terraces 3b.JPG
terraces 3b
terraces 3c.JPG
terraces 3c
terraces 4.JPG
terraces 4
underground cave .JPG
underground cave
underground cave 1.JPG
underground cave 1
underground cave 2.JPG
underground cave 2
underground cave 3.JPG
underground cave 3
underground cave 4.JPG
underground cave 4
underground cave 5.JPG
underground cave 5
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