Trip to India


Udaipur, Rajasthan




Fatehpur Sikri - Ghost town

Agra - Taj Mahal

Khajuraho Temples -
Kama Sutra in stone

I was looking forward to this trip with all my heart. After visiting China in August of 2011, for some strange reason, I was expecting to see the economy similar to the level shown by Chinese.
Big mistake on my part. I thought I saw the most poverty in Cambodia. Cambodia is nothing compared to the poverty in India. People sleeping on the street in cardboard huts covered with plastic bags, right on the Main Street, I didn't expect that.
Here are some highlights of the trip.

#1. - Economy.
I saw lots of very poor people, I was aware of very rich people and what was practically missing from the view was the lack of Middle Class.
I don't know how Indians manage to grow their economy. Cows walking down the roads, creating havoc with traffic is inconceivable with today's transportation system. One can either have modern transportation or walking cows. One just can't have both.
India is way behind China economically. I attribute this to:
too many Gods (some say there are over 33 millions of them, but couldn't name more than 40 :) ). China has none
too many political parties, China has one
too many cows walking around producing methane gas and only contributing to global warming and nothing else.

#2. - Friendly people.
Elsa took EXCELLENT pictures of people. I am much better at taking pictures of monuments but she is light years ahead of me as far as taking pictures of people is concerned. People love posing for her.
Some pictures she took nobody was posing for, tremendous job if you ask me. Don't miss them!
India runs on tips. If you ever get there, bring ample supply of 1 dollar bills.

#3. As a former Electrical Engineer, I was curious to notice that there are lots of high voltage distribution transformers in the cities
with eacy access and not enough fence protection. Still, not too many people end their lives hugging high voltage transformers.
The electrical wiring in the cities would make American Electrical Code Enforcers to have heart attacks!

#4. If you ever went on a camel ride in Sahara desert, don't waste your time on touristy crap of a camel ride at Jaisalmer. #5. Taj Mahal. Everything you have heard about and pictures you have seen, do NOT glorify enough this majestic place.
If there was only one place to see in India, Taj Mahal would be it.

#6. After visiting "Kama Sutra Temples", I can confirm up close and personal that the more you learn, the more you realise how little you know!
I never even heard about "Position 73" before going there! My son, guess which book you are getting as a wedding present!> :)