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The trip to Japan was organized by Samurai Tours

Maruyama Park is Kyoto's most popular public park for cherry blossom viewing.
Its centerpiece is a large weeping cherry tree that gets lit up in the evenings.
There is no admission fee. Many food stands are available.
Travel to Kyoto, Japan, 2006
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Fake Geisha.jpg
Fake Geisha
Ginkaku-ji Shrine 1.JPG
Ginkaku-ji Shrine 1
Imperial palace 3.jpg
Imperial palace 3
Imperial palace 4.jpg
Imperial palace 4
Imperial Palace.JPG
Imperial Palace
Kiozumi-dera 1.JPG
Kiozumi-dera 1
Kiozumi-dera 2.JPG
Kiozumi-dera 2
Kiozumi-dera 2a.JPG
Kiozumi-dera 2a
Kiozumi-dera 3.JPG
Kiozumi-dera 3
Kiozumi-dera 4.JPG
Kiozumi-dera 4
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 1.JPG
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 1
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 2.JPG
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 2
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 3.JPG
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 3
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 4.JPG
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 4
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 5.JPG
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 5
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 6.JPG
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 6
Kyoto, with its hundreds of temples and gardens, was the imperial capital between 794 and 1868, and remains the cultural centre of Japan. Its raked pebble gardens, sensuously contoured temple roofs and mysterious Shinto shrines fulfill the Japanese fantasy of every Western cliché hunter.

With an astonishing 1600 Buddhist temples, 400 Shinto shrines, a trio of palaces, and dozens of gardens and museums, Kyoto is Japan's cultural treasure house. Seventeen of Kyoto's ancient structures and gardens have been declared UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Cherry blossoms in Japan
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