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Travel to Miyajima, Japan, 2006
Miyajima Buddha statue 1.JPG
Miyajima Buddha statue 1
Miyajima Buddha statue 2.JPG
Miyajima Buddha statue 2
Miyajima Buddha statue 3.jpg
Miyajima Buddha statue 3
Miyajima Buddha Temple.JPG
Miyajima Buddha Temple
Miyajima Deers 1.JPG
Miyajima Deers 1
Miyajima deers in love 1.jpg
Miyajima deers in love 1
Miyajima deers in love 2.jpg
Miyajima deers in love 2
Miyajima deers in love.jpg
Miyajima deers in love
Miyajima Deers.JPG
Miyajima Deers
Miyajima ferry 1.JPG
Miyajima ferry 1
Miyajima Ferry 2.jpg
Miyajima Ferry 2
Miyajima ferry.JPG
Miyajima ferry
Miyajima Gate.JPG
Miyajima Gate
Miyajima sunset.jpg
Miyajima sunset
The romantic, serene, scenic island of Miyajima lies about seven and a half miles (12km) off the mainland in the Seto Inland Sea. Apart from being scenically beautiful with steep wooded hills, the island is famous for its Itsukushima Shrine featuring a massive red wooden torii (gate). The shrine is partially built over water, and was founded in the 6th century. During high tide the shrine stands in the ocean, which is particularly picturesque when the building is illuminated at night. The rest of the island makes for great hiking opportunities, particularly in spring when the many cherry trees are in bloom. Deer roam free and monkeys chatter in the woods on the hill. The grilled oysters sold on the streets is a must try.

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