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Travel to Nara, Japan, 2006
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Nara - garden.jpg
Nara - garden
Nara Cherry blossoms 2.JPG
Nara Cherry blossoms 2
Nara Cherry blossoms 2a.jpg
Nara Cherry blossoms 2a
Nara Cherry blossoms.JPG
Nara Cherry blossoms
Nara deers.JPG
Nara deers
Nara Ginkaku-ji Shrine 2.JPG
Nara Ginkaku-ji Shrine 2
Nara Highschool.JPG
Nara Highschool
Nara latterns.JPG
Nara latterns
Nara pagoda.jpg
Nara pagoda
Nara sake offering.JPG
Nara sake offering
Nara sakura 2.JPG
Nara sakura 2
Nara sakura.JPG
Nara sakura
Nara shinto gate.JPG
Nara shinto gate
Nara street.JPG
Nara street
Nara streets 1.jpg
Nara streets 1
The Big Buddha at Todai Temple in Nara

The Nara Daibutsu, whose image embodies the Buddha Birushana, dates back to 752. Over the centuries, the statue has been damaged in various battles, but has always been restored afterward. The body of the statue was reconstructed in 1185

It is said that Todaiji Daibutuden where the Buddha is located is the biggest wooden architecture in the world now. In fact there used to be two Buddhas that were bigger than Todaiji Buddha. Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Ieyasu Tokugawa who were great soldiers built those Buddhas. The one that Hideyoshi had built was destroyed by an earthquake, the other one that Ieyasu had built burned.

The real name of Todaiji Buddha is "birushanabutsu". It means "the Buddha which is lightened broadly in hope of wisdom and mercy".

The size of the Buddha
total height : 30 meters
sitting height : 14.98 meters.
face : 5.33 meters.
eyes : 1.02 meters.
nose : 0.5 meters.
ears : 2.54 meters.
weight : 250 ton.
It is made of gold (440 kg) and copper (499 tons) The Buddha has special hair, like a spiral perm. In total, it has 966 balls whose diameter are 18 cm and whose height are 30 cm each. USEFUL LINKS:
The Big Buddha at Todai Temple in Nara.
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