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Travel to Hida Takayama, Japan, 2006
Fruit stand.jpg
Fruit stand
Hida Takayama 1.JPG
Hida Takayama 1
Hida Takayama 2.JPG
Hida Takayama 2
Hida Takayama 3.JPG
Hida Takayama 3
Hida Takayama 4.JPG
Hida Takayama 4
Hida Takayama 5.JPG
Hida Takayama 5
Ryokan Kaiseki dinner 1.JPG
Ryokan Kaiseki dinner 1
Ryokan Kaiseki dinner 2.JPG
Ryokan Kaiseki dinner 2
Ryokan Kaiseki dinner 3.JPG
Ryokan Kaiseki dinner 3
Ryokan Kaiseki dinner 4.JPG
Ryokan Kaiseki dinner 4
Shogunate - Tea pot.JPG
Shogunate - Tea pot
Shogunate inside.JPG
Shogunate inside
Shogunate kitchen.jpg
Shogunate kitchen
Takayama in snow 2.jpg
Takayama in snow 2
Takayama in snow.jpg
Takayama in snow
Annual Hida Sosha Festival
This is the annual festival of the grand sanctuary enshrining most guardian gods of Hida. A worship service attended by approximately 1,000 people is like viewing an Edo era picture scroll. Place: Hida Sosha Shrine

Takayama has a history shaped by isolation. In earlier times, Takayama was cut off from the outside world by deep winter snows. (picture is taken in April) Another name for Takayama is Japanese Alps. Takayama remaines remote due to it's location. Change came slowly, and that allowed Takayama to develop and maintain a unique personality and way of life. Takayama was the first place where we had the traditional kaiseki dinner at ryokan. The specialty of the area is Hido beef, which is similar in quality and prices of Kobe beef.

Hida Takayama

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