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Travel to Tokyo, Japan, 2006

Asakusa Kannon, is Tokyo's largest Buddhist temple and a major attraction for Japanese and foreigners alike. Take the Sensoji exit of the subway and follow the crowds.

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Asakusa Buddhist Temple 2.jpg
Asakusa Buddhist Temple 2
Asakusa Buddhist Temple.JPG
Asakusa Buddhist Temple
Asakusa cherry blossoms 1.jpg
Asakusa cherry blossoms 1
Asakusa cherry blossoms 2.jpg
Asakusa cherry blossoms 2
Asakusa gate.JPG
Asakusa gate
Asakusa Pagoda.JPG
Asakusa Pagoda
Asakusa Sakura 1.JPG
Asakusa Sakura 1
Asakusa Sakura 2.JPG
Asakusa Sakura 2
Asakusa Sakura 3.JPG
Asakusa Sakura 3
Asakusa Sakura 4.JPG
Asakusa Sakura 4
Asakusa ShintoTemple.jpg
Asakusa ShintoTemple
Asakusa shopping street.JPG
Asakusa shopping street
Asakusa Street.jpg
Asakusa Street
Asakusa Wedding 1.JPG
Asakusa Wedding 1
Asakusa Wedding 2.JPG
Asakusa Wedding 2
Asakusa Wedding 3.jpg
Asakusa Wedding 3
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