Mexico City, Mexico, 2009

The lunch at the local restaurant with the typical Mexican food I never had in my life will be worth the "Montezuma revenge" tomorrow, if it happens. The pan fried cactus, beef tenderized for several days in special sauce, interesting and unusual stuff.
Museum of Modern Arts has an interesting sculptures in the garden exhibit and we made lots of pictures. I wish we saw more Diego Riviera and Frida Kahlo, so we booked another tour dedicated to them both.

Do you know how much the litre of the freaking water at the hotel!? $7 US! I am not that rich so we walked to the nearest supermarket and for $25 US got all the water we can drink for 5 days, tequila, local snacks, cheese, etc. I won't contribute to Mexican inflation!

I started learning Spanish.

This is what I learned so far:

Donde esta XYZ?
(Where is XYZ?)

Yo soy Norte Americano, Yo soy a good driver (my nod towards Rainman). This came handy on the last day when I said it loud to Elsie.
To my big surprise, three bums heard me, raised their butts off the sidewalk, walked towards me and greeted me in English:
"Welcome to Mexico City"! I was speechless! :)

I had an accident today, maid got into the room right after the "afternoon delights" and saw my face and naked dick. If I see her tomorrow again - apparently she liked what she has seen!

We are now sampling the local tequila and fruits, 8 pm we reserved the best Spanish restaurant in town,
I'll post the impressions tomorrow!

We are going to the pyramids early tomorrow morning.


Pyramids are impressive, much bigger than Mayan but I didn't climb on top 2 weeks after the surgery. There were 4 couples sharing the buss, 1 from Hungary, one from France, one from Australia and us.
The Australian guy 81 years young has encyclopedic knowledge of things and I learned a lot from him. He even knew about my friend from Brisbane who embarrassed the former Australian Prime Minister.

The Church of Maria Guadalupe we stopped on the way to the pyramids was quite impressive too.

In the evening we went to Plaza Garibaldi where locals congregate to hear mariachis bands. "What doesn't kill you - makes you stronger", I hope I had enough beer and tequila tonight to prevent us from Montezuma revenge. I tried brain tamale for the first time and tried not to think of local meat markets I've seen in "real Mexico". If we escape without consequences, I say we developed immunity to local food and can start drinking local water, if not..Imodium is a wonderful drug! I haven't had beer for ages, Corona with lime was what the doctor ordered.

Another nice day weather, food and experiences wise.


Most interesting day on many levels. First we got the taxi and the taxi driver was a former banker who spoke decent English and we got him for the full day. He showed us Diego Riviera frescoes, Presidential palace and Cathedral, Frida's house and museum, market, and for lunch he brought us to the 5 stars cantina which prides itself on the best local cuisine.

We had:
ant eggs,
tongue fricassee,
soup made of dried shrimps,
stew made of cow stomach, pig foot, real chorizos and blood pudding,
margaritas and 2 deserts, fried milk and apple cooked with special syrup.
MikeW - you were missed, I know you'd enjoy it all.

The dinner we had at the Korean BBQ place was simply fantastic. We were the only non Asian faces and were served by the owner in tribute for our bravery.

I also drunk the local water from the tap far - so good, I say we fully acclimatized
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Frida Kahlo Museum 0.JPG
Frida Kahlo Museum 0
Frida Kahlo Museum 1.JPG
Frida Kahlo Museum 1
Frida Kahlo Museum 1a.JPG
Frida Kahlo Museum 1a
Frida Kahlo Museum 1b.JPG
Frida Kahlo Museum 1b
Frida Kahlo Museum.JPG
Frida Kahlo Museum
Hello from Mexico City.JPG
Hello from Mexico City
Hotel room window.JPG
Hotel room window
LA #1 Cantina - Elsie.JPG
LA #1 Cantina - Elsie
LA #1 Cantina ants aggs.JPG
LA #1 Cantina ants aggs
LA #1 Cantina ants eggs, sweetbread 1.JPG
LA #1 Cantina ants eggs, sweetbread 1
LA #1 Cantina ants eggs, sweetbread.JPG
LA #1 Cantina ants eggs, sweetbread
LA #1 Cantina apple and fried milk.JPG
LA #1 Cantina apple and fried milk
LA #1 Cantina fried milk.JPG
LA #1 Cantina fried milk
LA #1 Cantina guacamole, sweetbread 1.JPG
LA #1 Cantina guacamole, sweetbread 1
LA #1 Cantina guacamole, sweetbread.JPG
LA #1 Cantina guacamole, sweetbread
LA #1 Cantina inside 1.JPG
LA #1 Cantina inside 1
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