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Argentina, Ushuaia '09
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650 miles North from Antarctica.JPG
650 miles North from Antarctica
Hotel Yamanas.JPG
Hotel Yamanas
hoterl lobby .JPG
hoterl lobby
Island Berries.JPG
Island Berries
Island Flora 1.JPG
Island Flora 1
Island Flora 3.JPG
Island Flora 3
Island Flora.JPG
Island Flora
Island Peer.JPG
Island Peer
local crab alas tasteless.JPG
local crab alas tasteless
Local flowers.JPG
Local flowers
on the train LC.JPG
on the train LC
on the train.JPG
on the train
Patagonian explorer.JPG
Patagonian explorer
Red Currants.JPG
Red Currants
Seal big daddy.JPG
Seal big daddy
Seal male.JPG
Seal male
Seals 1.JPG
Seals 1
Seals 2.JPG
Seals 2
Seals 3.JPG
Seals 3
Seals 4.JPG
Seals 4
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