Piemonte, Italy '07
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Alba  restaurant - disapointing Giacosa.jpg
Alba restaurant - disapointing Giacosa
Alba  restaurant - feeding the beast.jpg
Alba restaurant - feeding the beast
Alba  restaurant - Last supper.jpg
Alba restaurant - Last supper
Alba 01.JPG
Alba 01
Alba Cathedral.jpg
Alba Cathedral
Alba leaning tower.jpg
Alba leaning tower
Alba Restaurant 01.jpg
Alba Restaurant 01
Alba street 01.jpg
Alba street 01
Alba street.jpg
Alba street
Barbaresco - who led the dogs out.jpg
Barbaresco - who led the dogs out
Barbaresco 01.JPG
Barbaresco 01
Barbaresco 02.JPG
Barbaresco 02
Barbaresco 02a.JPG
Barbaresco 02a
Barbaresco 02b.JPG
Barbaresco 02b
Barbaresco 02c.JPG
Barbaresco 02c
Barbaresco 03.jpg
Barbaresco 03
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