Istanbul, Turkey '07
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Egyptian Obelisk 1.jpg
Egyptian Obelisk 1
Egyptian Obelisk detail.JPG
Egyptian Obelisk detail
Egyptian Obelisk Plaque.jpg
Egyptian Obelisk Plaque
Egyptian Obelisk.JPG
Egyptian Obelisk
Fascinated Child.jpg
Fascinated Child
Fresh Turbot - delicious!.JPG
Fresh Turbot - delicious!
Galata Bridge.jpg
Galata Bridge
Galota Tower.jpg
Galota Tower
Gift from Kaiser.JPG
Gift from Kaiser
Grand Bazaar $350 for this!!! Fughedaboud!.jpg
Grand Bazaar $350 for this!!! Fughedaboud!
Grand Bazaar Entrance.JPG
Grand Bazaar Entrance
Grand Bazaar inside 1.jpg
Grand Bazaar inside 1
Grand Bazaar Inside.jpg
Grand Bazaar Inside
Grand Bazaar outside.jpg
Grand Bazaar outside
Grand Bazaar Turkish Peacocks.jpg
Grand Bazaar Turkish Peacocks
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