Kapadokia - Cappadocia, Turkey '07
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Cappadocia adieu.jpg
Cappadocia adieu
city below.jpg
city below
From Kayseri airport.jpg
From Kayseri airport
house carved in the rock.jpg
house carved in the rock
inside the 3rd century church 1.jpg
inside the 3rd century church 1
inside the 3rd century church.jpg
inside the 3rd century church
Kapadokia-Cappadocia at night.jpg
Kapadokia-Cappadocia at night
Kapadokia-Cappadocia camel 1.jpg
Kapadokia-Cappadocia camel 1
Kapadokia-Cappadocia camel 1a.jpg
Kapadokia-Cappadocia camel 1a
Kapadokia-Cappadocia camel.jpg
Kapadokia-Cappadocia camel
Kapadokia-Cappadocia castle.JPG
Kapadokia-Cappadocia castle
Kapadokia-Cappadocia chimneys 1.JPG
Kapadokia-Cappadocia chimneys 1
Kapadokia-Cappadocia chimneys.JPG
Kapadokia-Cappadocia chimneys
Kapadokia-Cappadocia churches 1.jpg
Kapadokia-Cappadocia churches 1
Kapadokia-Cappadocia churches 2.jpg
Kapadokia-Cappadocia churches 2
Kapadokia-Cappadocia churches 3.jpg
Kapadokia-Cappadocia churches 3
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