Utah & Nevada, USA

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The trip started bad. When we called from home to confirm, US Air couldn't find us in their computer. After 15 minutes conversation with airline they finally found us. Woo-hoo!

Over a month after foiled London airport plot, there are still lots of liquids thrown in the garbage at the security. Where and how do those people live if they still don't know about it? God bless them

Can you believe US Air doesn't have dinner, even at First Class? How many bloody Marys one can drink on the empty stomach? I did 3, Sue did 4, I fell asleep, Sue didn't. Oh those viking girls....God bless them!

The flight got to Las vegas an hour late. There was a HUGE storm on the way we had to go around. What a beautiful show of light in the night sky that was! I am glad we could watch it from the distance and not be in the middle of it.

The luggage came 45 minutes late and the taxi line was about a mile, but it moved really fast. We got into hotel around 1 am local time (4 am OUR time) and I don 't remember anything after my head hit the pillow.

In the morning we called Michael who confirmed that Ka IS the show to see in Las Vegas, so we booked 2 tix for the end of the next week, booked Wynn to stay at and drove to Utah.

The hotels at the main entrance of Zion National Park were all booked, so we drove thru the park to the middle of nowhere, really, and got a place for the night. (please notice- hotel has no street address, just roads intersection, no cell phone reception, but...perfect wireless internet connection, welcome to 21st Century!

From the brief ride thru the park with no stops, as we had to make to the hotel before the rooms are gone, I can say one thing: I never seen anything like it before, and I've been around the block. We'll go back tomorrow for detailed exploration, despite the promissed rain and make the best of it, rain, shine or snow.

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