Canada and Eastern USA, 2006,
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Granite 3.JPG
Granite 3
Granite 4.JPG
Granite 4
Granite 5.JPG
Granite 5
Granite 6.JPG
Granite 6
Granite 7.JPG
Granite 7
Granite 8.jpg
Granite 8
Granite 8a.jpg
Granite 8a
Granite 8b.jpg
Granite 8b
Granite 8c.jpg
Granite 8c
Lobster Inc.jpg
Lobster Inc
Lobsters and St Hilaire Champagne.JPG
Lobsters and St Hilaire Champagne
Lobsters and Steamers.JPG
Lobsters and Steamers
throw Serge down the well....jpg
throw Serge down the well...
throw Sue down the well.....JPG
throw Sue down the well....
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