The Best Travel Pictures - 2006

by Serge Birbrair

Up close and personal Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Where is Bin Laden? Afghanistan
3 smiles Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Unexpected Visitor Bangkok, Thailand
Not a happy camper Chiang Mai, Thailand

"This is not a tumor..." Chiang Mai, Thailand
Confidence Phuket, Thailand
No Comments Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia
Angkor Wat sunset Cambodia
Pretty naked young ladies Cambodia

"Mona Lisa Smile" Bayon temple, Cambodia
Breakfast of Champions Tokyo, Japan
Hear no evil, say no evil, see no evil Nikko, Japan
Crabs for dinner Osaka, Japan
Nothing to hide Himeji, Japan

Miyajima sunset Miyajima, Japan
Hiroshima A Bomb Memorial Japan
Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto Japan
Geisha in training Kyoto, Japan
Royal Nagas Bangkok, Thailand

Phuket Sunset Thailand
James Bond Island Phuket, Thailand
Light at the end of the tunnel Zion National Park, USA
another Light at the end of the tunnel Zion National Park, USA
The road less travelled Zion National Park, USA

Bryce Canyon Notre Dame USA
Looks like a penis to me Kodachrome State Park, Utah, USA
"The rain keeps falling on my head..." Nevada, USA
Painted Hills East Oregon, USA
Tear Drop East Oregon, USA

Outer Banks Beach North Carolina, USA
Acadia National Park Maine, USA
Just a good shot Maine, USA
Montreal Reflection Canada
Crowded Beach on Labor Day North Carolina, USA

Saint Anne Falls Park Quebec, Canada
Cape Hatteras North Carolina, USA
Intercourse Specialist Pennsylvania, USA
Copper Canyon Mexico
Old Tree Divisadero, Mexico

Paqueme Mexico
Divisadero First House Mexico
Tower Copenhagen, Denmark
Nordhavn Evening Denmark
Fried Pork Ringsted, Denmark


by Serge Birbrair Dec. 19st 2006